Singing Bowl Massage

The singingbowls massage stimulates the chackras "energy centers" of the body. Blockages that have a psychological and / or psychological origin can be effectively resolved with the massage.

The massage restores the inner balance disturbed by everyday stress. Before the massage, a conversation takes place so that the sound master (who performs the massage) can respond to specific individual problems.

A massage usually takes an hour.

In the first phase the singingbowls are played around the "Receiver". The mixture of different tones and vibrations bring the person to relax and "switch off". In the second phase, the singingboels are applied directly to the chackras.

During the last phase "return", the "receiver" can remain in the massage room as long as he feels comfortable (of course, in a certain time frame). This phase is important to complete the massage and unfold the effect fully. For the massage you should do without jewelery, buttons, belts, zippers, thick and synthetic clothes, since these things in contact with the singingbowls have a disturbing effect. The massage room is heated, so normal lights clothes such as jogging pants or T-shirt are suitable.

Massage with singing bowls
Massage with singing bowls